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VPS Setup


Nanoc for Static Site Generation

System-wide Prep

  • Install nanoc

      gem install nanoc

Creating and publishing a static site

  • Create directory for developing the site

      cd ~
      nanoc create-site my.site.url
  • Render site

      cd my.site.url
  • Make live (ensure DNS and Nagios config is setup for site)

      rsync -auv output/ /var/www/my.site.url

Including Markdown Files From a Git Repo

  • Clone the repo into place

      git clone git@git.stuts.uk:stuts/vps_config.git /var/www/vps.stuts.uk/content/docs
  • Install Kramdown and Github Flavoured Markdown (GFM) support

      gem install kramdown kramdown-parser-gfm
  • Uncommment the compile lines for md files in Rules and add GFM support

      filter :kramdown, input: 'GFM'