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VPS Setup


Jekyll Setup

Jekyll is being used here to convert the markdown notes in this repository into HTML web pages for hosting at vps.stuts.uk.

# Install jekyll
gem install jekyll

# Create the site 
jekyll create /var/www/vps.stuts.uk

# Add content from git repo to site
git clone git@git.stuts.uk:stuts/vps_config.git /var/www/vps.stuts.uk/docs

# Generate static site from content
cd /var/www/vps.stuts.uk
jekyll build

# NGINX can now host the site statically from /var/www/vps.stuts.uk/_site/

Configuration changes to Jekyll:

  • Added docs dir to include directive (made no diff to inclusion)

Didn’t use this solution, prefer nanoc’s process for having headers, etc.